Be a pirate in space

Galaxy Heist teams players up on large flagships and gives them the ability to pilot the flagship, fire the turrets, and control the fighter drones that accompany the team’s flagship. When another flagship is disabled just take control of a turret and fire a tether over to the ship in order to board. Once boarded attacking players try to destroy the ship from the inside with dynamic First Person Shooter combat.

Players can use an array of weapons inside their ships such as the Vacuum cannon which ragdolls and blasts out any windows it hits, ripping all nearby players out into space. Blown out windows cause the ship to depressurize, players will need to boot up emergency oxygen in the under belly of the ship to prevent suffocation. Once the attacking team has initiated self-destruction inside the flagship they boarded, the ship is destroyed and the attacking team is brought back into the space battle.


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Desktop, Xbox

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