Galaxy Heist - Video Game

I'll be working for Space Bear Development as Sound Designer on their latest online game "Galaxy Heist". It aims to bring the world of skilled FPS matches and open world space simulation together so that players can fly in space and run around on each others ships in the most seamless way possible.  Not only that but players are able to board other players ships as well, for fun, or by force if the other players ship has been disabled. Once on board players can take what they want, steal data from the computers, or just kill the opposing crew members for a bit of extra cash.

From futuristic spaceships to flame trower and alien devices, Galaxy Heist has all the sounds I love to create. I've been working primarily of Spaceship start-ups, engine noises and power downs, wich were all created with synthesizers. Check their website and sign up their newletter for the latest updates.

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